In Kid Guru, our passion is to promote the philosophy of effective parenting. We love to work with parents that want to learn new positive, proactive and mindful methods that aim to raise their kids to be responsible, happy, and with strong self-esteem and self-reliance.

Our programs are based on five skills:


An effective leader is strong and knowledgeable, has a plan of action, cares and connects with her people and keeps an eye on the mission. Her authority is never doubted because she constantly implements systems that work for all and shows commitment and flexibility when needed.


Parents that create an ambience of structure and compromise that enhances responsibility and team work within the family raise kids that are effective and more prepare for adulthood.


Good communication can promote a healthy self-esteem, maturity and responsibility. However, when communication is corrupted by strong negative emotions it can provoke anger, guilt, resentment and even violence or psychological abuse.


Connection is a human need; is what establishes unity and intimacy among humans in their relationships. There are many factors in raising a child that create connection; these factors are the key to create an effective family. The lack of conection during the early years creates wounds and painful confusion during adulthood.


At the end of the day, what all humans really want from day one is to be loved, acknowledged and valued. A child that receives these from his or her parents and care givers is a child that will have a more promising and peaceful upbringing.

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Many parents come to Kid Guru because they are frustrated and feel that they can’t control their kids unwanted behaviors and they have tiredly tried to discipline them with little success. After the course, they walk away with knowledge that change their way they approach their children and find harmony and a more positive and effective environment in their home.

The approach we use has been a success story that has changed many families to live better and with more peaceful parent-child relationships. This methodology is not only for the now and the present circumstances, it helps to raise kids that are stronger and more responsible and carries on to their teen years.

Our courses, sessions and parenting tips videos are each, pieces of a big puzzle that aim to lead parents to raise kids more effectively. However, the end result that finishes the puzzle is YOU, the parent that is committed, the parent that takes the action to implement what is learned here.

🔸Effective parents create effective children.

🔸Effective children create effective families.

🔸Effective families create effective communities.

🔸Effective communities create a an effective, prosperous world.

🔸Let’s change the world together one child at a time.


Knowledge is King! The musician learns to read music, practices intensely to become a performer, the accomplished athlete works on learning and enforcing the requiring skills to achieve the right goals, the mathematician is constantly learning systems and formulas to solve complex number combinations. Kid Guru offers knowledge, structure, strategies and solutions to facilitate family relationships. We are not about creating perfect parents; we are about inspiring parents to be mindful and effective.

Kid Guru’s goal is to provide tools for parents that can help them to be effective leaders that want to make a difference in their children’s lives. Our courses are an important instrument that can bring solutions for everyday life and help parents to raise effective and self-reliant, responsible kids.