Effective Parenting Method® – Master Class


Would you like to know how to be an effective, practical, confident parent and raise responsible and caring kids?

How many times have we heard that there should be a guide on how to be a PARENT?

 Well, there is no perfect parenting or perfect kids, but there is definitely a better, more effective way to be prepared for the most important job we can ever have: Guiding and teaching our kids to be well prepared for life.

This new practice in the formation of your children will lead your family life to a life in harmony.

Your kids will LISTEN to you, not because they FEAR you, but because they trust you and your parenting SYSTEM and they see you as their guide, as the alpha.

You will stop screaming, scolding, repeating, punishing, threatening, manipulating or hitting.

It will help you with addressing your wounds and your LIMITING BELIEFS so that your children do not inherit those patterns.

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You will learn strategies and techniques that facilitate the dynamics of your family and that create HARMONY instead of CHAOS

It will help you foster trust, connection and security within your home to EMPOWER YOUR KIDS’ SELF-ESTEEM

It will help you become THE LEADER OF THE FAMILY. A loving, assertive, firm and EFFECTIVE leader.


It will promote a family dynamic where you operate as a TEAM and everyone participates and supports each other to thrive.

It will create a guide for your children so that one day they grow up to be responsible and conscious teenagers and adults

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Schedule and get the key tools to help you transform your fear and insecurities to become an assertive educator when raising your child


"Transform your reactive pattern"

You will recognize your lineage and the inherited patterns with which you act in the face of circumstances and you will know how to healthily discharge your emotions without harming yourself more or harming those you love most.

"The rhythmic discipline®"

You will learn how to establish a fluid, easy, natural and effective discipline. When you learn to apply rhythm and transition, you’ll get your child to understand the instructions without having to struggle to do so.

"The 4 foundations of the healthy self®"

You will train your eye to know exactly what your child is trying to tell you with their bad behavior and what strategy/technique you need to employ. You will understand the 4 vessels and know how to nourish them.

"The timeline"

You will understand the root of your child’s tantrums, rebellion, fear, and apathy. You will understand how each stage of development leaves its mark on their character and you will see that, by responding assertively to their attitudes, the dysfunction disappears.

“The model of mother/father and child styles and behaviors"

You will discover parental styles and child styles to get to know your child thoroughly and adapt correctly to any behavior or situation

"The family code"

You will learn to take your proper place and regain your leadership within the Family System. Remember that where there is no order, love cannot flow properly. That leadership is what your children are needing from you.