The Emotional Awareness in the Family

Taking this masterclass will possibly be one of the most important decisions you will ever make to be more effective in for the role of parenthood.

Would you like to receive the gift of knowing and truly becoming aware of how you internally experience your life, yourself, your personal relationships and role in the family.

Did you know that the way we treat, educate and relate to our children is a direct projection of our memory of emotions? These emotions are based on our experiences, our past and our ego. If you dare to take this Emotional Intelligence journey, you will open a world within yourself that will allow you to mirror back to you the way you process conflicts, the way you react and why you react the way you do with your family and others.

We all have aspects of ourselves that lie outside of our awareness, buried deep in our NON-conscious mind. These hidden dimensions of ourselves shape and often determine how we experience our lives. And as long as they remain hidden, we will be enslaved by them. The EQ profile reveals what is hidden within us and shapes our experience with ourselves, with others and with the world in a way that we do not know or cannot see. The EQ Profile report provides specific information about what is going on inside of us, particularly when we are in conflict, challenged or under stress.

Knowing ourselves helps us be better mothers and fathers.

“Knowing what behaviors, emotions and beliefs I have is imperative to assess my place as a leading member of the family since I am the person my children will use as an example to learn from life.”
Seth Fontane - Positive Psychology

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Would you like to:

  • Discover what you can NOT see about your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world: Your relational blind spots.

  • Discover how you tend to protect and defend yourself and/or cope when you are in an argument, in conflict or under stress.

  • Have a language of your inner self, and help you name and begin to understand what is going on inside you.

  • Understand the cost of your learned behavior patterns from the past that are reflected in your relationships today.

  • Identify the thoughts you have made up about yourself, others and the world around you so that you instead have the opportunity to challenge them and seek their truth and reality.

  • Become aware of what you don’t know and can’t see about what gets in the way of your relationships so you can make more intentional and purposeful decisions about them.