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Effective Parenting Method® - Master Class


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Effective communication - Master Class


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The Emotional Awareness in the Family


The upbringing we received from our own parents had many advantages to use as examples on how we parent. Nevertheless, it can also send us messages that are outdated and are not necessary practical for the children in this new world today.

Connection and communication are the most important factors to empower a child and create harmony in our homes. On the same token, these factors used wrongly can destroy relationships and create dysfunctional families.

Our programs are based on five skills:


An effective leader is strong and knowledgeable, has a plan of action, cares and connects with her people and keeps an eye on the mission. Her authority is never doubted because she constantly implements systems that work for all and shows commitment and flexibility when needed.


Parents that create an ambience of structure and compromise that enhances responsibility and team work within the family raise kids that are effective and more prepare for adulthood.


Good communication can promote a healthy self-esteem, maturity and responsibility. However, when communication is corrupted by strong negative emotions it can provoke anger, guilt, resentment and even violence or psychological abuse.


Connection is a human need; is what establishes unity and intimacy among humans in their relationships. There are many factors in raising a child that create connection; these factors are the key to create an effective family. The lack of conection during the early years creates wounds and painful confusion during adulthood.


At the end of the day, what all humans really want from day one is to be loved, acknowledged and valued. A child that receives these from his or her parents and care givers is a child that will have a more promising and peaceful upbringing.