Why was KID GURU created?

It is extremely rewarding to find something in life that gives you purpose, passion and the intention to improve the world somehow, and that is what Kid Guru means to me. I have compiled information from many resources and talented people and I’ve put them together for you to use and enjoy. I sincerely hope that you find what you need from this page to help you improve your relationship with your children and better your family life. Feel free to use what you like and works for you and leave the rest. The important thing is to find your own answers and if something you are looking for is not here, please send me an email and tell me how I can help you.

I invite you to take on the challenge of seeking changes that benefit the future of your children. You are NOT alone!

-My carrier:

  • BA Education for children with Learning Disabilities, Texas State University,
  • Masters on Education, Houston Baptist University,
  • Early Childhood Teaching Certification


Life Coach for:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching, ADDCA Training. Advanced Certification Program
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching.  Learning in Action Academy
  • Facilitator of the Effective Parenthood Program, Niños de Ahora
  • Accelerated Learning Certification. The University of Houston Continuing Studies Program
  • Writing Children’s Literature. Rice University Continuing Education Program


-My experience:

I know that our school achievements are important, however, 18 years of teaching special and bilingual education, being a parent of three, coaching many families, finding solutions and hope for kids stranded in difficult situations, finding solutions for parents who felt lost, and reading many, many books of incredible authors that I admire very much (in the field of education and raising kids), gave me priceless knowledge that cannot be learned in school.

-My mission:

Help effective parents raise effective children so

Effective children can create effective families, and

Effective families can create effective communities, and

Effective communities can create a more effective and purposeful world.

Let’s change the world together one child at a time.

Chelo Johnson