Effective communication – Master Class

Would you like to relate to your children in a way that you both understand and communicate with each other without yelling, screaming, anger, threats and other reactions that cause conflict and pain?   

This MASTERCLASS will help you to:

  1. Reduce family conflict in your home caused by poor communication, instead you will learn to create healthier and more empowering relationships in all your family affairs.
  2. Know and practice NON-VIOLENT communication both physical and verbal.
  3. Know and use words that empower and carry purposeful messages instead of words that harm your children for life.
  4. Learn to build trust and connection with your children through communication.
  5. Learn how to say things directly to have the effect you want and teach your children to do the same.
  6. Learn the power of helpful, encouraging, supportive silence.
  7. Learn to help your children develop positive beliefs about themselves and help them to find their value.
  8. Learn how empathy facilitates effective dialogue
  9. Listen to the conscious and unconscious communication that you have with yourself, your inner judge, because this will reflect on your words and actions.

The important thing is to raise awareness and have a more effective perspective; the change comes from within, it is an internal work of our deepest thinking, where the true decisions are made.

Remember, your being here wanting to improve already makes you a great parent!!

We are parents in process and we will continue to be, there is no end goal.

Conscious and effective communication is the root of all healthy relationships, it is the bread dough, it is the water in the root that starts the growth of the seeds, little by little.